WHAT TO EXPECT (the low down on your down time)

This will depend mostly on which technique you proceed with;

Feathering: 5-7 days with minimal down time. The soft and wispy hair-like strokes applied with a hand-tool to create a feathery effect produces the least amount of colour saturation. This means less colour intensity and normally quicker healing. Most clients LOVE the results instantly, then once healed the colour softens so they wish to go darker at the touch-up.

Powder brow technique: 5-7 days of intense colour, flaking and scabbing. Applied with machine and expert shading techniques, the powder brow can be a little over-whelming at first but once healed the down time will definitely seem worth it. Achieves a longer lasting more defined result with soft and powdery effects.

One week after treatment: where did the colour go? During the healing process the tattooed area will become darker and minor scabbing develops as new collagen rich skin forms underneath. This new skin is slightly opaque in colour and creates a temporary mask which will make the pigment at first appear faded and dull. Within a week or two the new skin will settle and the colour will return. Protect and nourish this new skin as directed.

TIP! Once healed, wear brow powder or pencil in any patchy areas until you attend for your touch up.

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