Treatment Prep & Aftercare


Eyes Preparation
• Do not get the lashes tinted within 5 days of treatment.
• Do get the lashes tinted 1 week prior. You will be advised not to wear mascara for the week following.
• No lash extensions at the time of your appointment: Lash extensions may be applied 4 weeks after healed.
• Do not use any lash-enhancing serums for at least 30 days before treatment.
• If you wear contact lenses ensure they are removed and bring your glasses.
• Avoid eye makeup at the time of your appointment.
• Please call for further advice if you have experienced recent infection or irritation of the eyes.
Eyes Aftercare
• Your eyelids will feel heavy and slightly puffy afterwards.
• Swelling may be experienced the morning after. This normally subsides within 3-5 days.
• Apply ice to the area immediately after treatment, for 5-10 minutes every few hours. Do not apply directly to exposed skin.
• Using a clean cotton tip, apply a very thin layer of Stratacel to the area and allow the gel to dry.
• Do not apply mascara to lashes for 7 days.
• Do not apply lash extensions for up to 4 weeks after final treatment.
• If you experience any unexpected discomfort or irritation of the eyes notify your cosmetic artist and consult a pharmacist immediately for further advice.


Lips Preparation
• If you have a history of cold sores, it is essential to see your health consultant at least 4 days before your appointment and equest preventative treatment.
• Avoid laser hair removal on or near the area 2 weeks prior.
Lips Aftercare
• You may experience some swelling for 3-5 days following treatment.
• Each morning and evening gently wipe the area with a damp cotton tip then dab dry.
• Using a clean cotton tip apply a thin layer of Stratacel to the area and allow the gel to dry.
• Once dry, Stratacel may be covered by lipstick or cosmetics if you wish.
• Apply ice for 5 minutes every few hours to reduce the swelling. Do not apply directly to broken skin.
• Do not consume hot drinks or alcohol for 5 days.
• If you experience any unexpected discomfort or symptoms
of cold sores notify your cosmetic artist and consult a health
professional immediately for further advice.


To increase comfort during your cosmetic tattooing experience the use of a topical anaesthetic is recommended. Please bring the product with you to your appointment, this may be applied 30-45 minutes before the cosmetic tattooing procedure.
Pre-purchase your anaesthetic
We recommend Tugun Compounding Pharmacy for the purchase of a topical anaesthetic formulation suitable for numbing your area(s) of treatment.
Their friendly pharmacists will assess your suitability for the use of the anaesthetic and assist you with your purchase. Prompt delivery is provided via a daily postal or courier service.
Tugun Compounding Pharmacy may be contacted via phone 07 5598 2411 or email
Instructions will be included in your anaesthetic order. Please follow instruction as per pharmacy label and to read the Consumer Medicine Information (CMI).
• Do not drink alcohol within 24 hours prior to treatment.
• Some medications may cause adverse effects, please call for further advice if you are currently taking any medication. A Doctor approval may be required before proceeding
• Cease intake of fish oil supplements 1 week before treatment.
• Consider any upcoming social events or work-out commitments for the week following your treatment.
• If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please call for further advice.
• If the area you would like treated has an existing cosmetic tattoo please call for further advice.
• Protect the area from sun exposure 2 weeks prior to treatment.
• More info at or call the clinic to speak with your Cosmetic Artist.
• Do not touch the tattooed area with your fingers.
• Gym/Exercise: The following activities should be avoided for 48 hours after treatment: cardio workout, excessive sweating, sauna, hot spa, spray tanning.
• For 2 weeks following treatment: avoid, chlorinated and salt water pools, high UV exposure, sun beds, and infra-red light exposure.
• Colour will appear darker than desired for 5-7 days.
• No water, soap, or cleansers on the treated area for 5 days.
• Avoid makeup on the treated area until healed.
• Do not pick the flaking skin or formed scabs.
• It is recommended that you return for a perfection visit 4-8 weeks after your treatment, for any necessary adjustments.
• Excessive exposure to sun over time will cause fading, wear SPF where possible.
• Certain chemicals in cleansers and moisturisers will accelerate fading and may discolour the tattoo: AHAs, BHAs, benzoyl peroxide, bleaching agents, and chemical peels must be kept away from the area.
• Expected healing time: 5-8 days.
Where did the colour go?
During the healing process the tattooed area will become darker and minor scabbing will develop as a new collagen rich skin forms underneath. This new skin is slightly opaque in colour and creates a temporary veil which will make the pigment appear faded and dull.
Within a week or two the new skin will settle and the colour will return. Protect and nourish this new skin as directed.


Brow Preparation
• Have your brows waxed/tidied a week before treatment.
• Do not wax or tint the brows within 3 days of treatment. No tinting until 4 weeks after.
• Gently exfoliate the area for up to 3 days prior, ensure the skin is well nourished.
• Do not use any brow-enhancing serums for at least 30 days before treatment
• Do come in with an open mind about the different techniques: after a thorough consultation your artist will advise the most suitable option.
• You will be advised not to wet your brows for 5 days following treatment, I recommend washing your hair the night before.
Brow Aftercare
• Each morning clean the brow area with a damp cotton tip.
• Dab the area dry with a clean tissue.
• Using a cotton tip, apply a very thin layer of Stratamed to the area and allow the gel to dry.
• Stratamed should be dry in 5-6 minutes. Gently remove excess with a clean tissue or cotton tip.
• Once dry, Stratamed may be covered by sun screen or cosmetics if you wish.
• Repeat this procedure morning and night for 7 days.
• Once healed, minor patchiness in colour may be present in some areas. This is normal and will be adjusted accordingly at the touch-up in 4-8 weeks. I recommend wearing brow powder or pencil to cover these areas until then.

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