“Your training can only be as good as your trainer delivers”

Expected learning outcomes

Learning this Art is more than just applying techniques; we educate you in providing high-end client care, consultation processes, infection control, and after-care. Once you have completed training with My Rejuvenate, the brow styling and cosmetic tattoo journey your clients experience with you will be the best possible.

Draw shape & design

We apply the rules of the Golden Ratio when creating a brow shape most suited to the naturally unique features of each client. This method has been adopted by some of the worlds most renowned eyebrow Artists and, together with our own signature design techniques is transferred to you during your course at My Rejuvenate.

Interactive learning & guided practice

One on one guidance is essential when it comes to moving from practice mats to working on models. The only way to ensure you are practicing the correct techniques safely, is if you apply your new-found knowledge correctly from the beginning. We teach you all the careful steps needed for you to produce the best possible healed outcomes and client satisfaction.

Colour theory

Further to assessing the skin tone and hair colour of your client to custom blend their perfect pigment match, we need to consider undertones, medication and lifestyle factors of the client.

Cosmetic tattoo pigments are semi-permanent thus designed to fade out over time (6-24months). The nature of how pigment fades out, and the colour it fades to is dependent on which blend you have selected and, individual lifestyle factors of the client. We educate you in the science of micro pigments and custom colour blending.


The equipment we use is sourced from the most reputable suppliers in Australia and the World within compliance of TGA regulations. At My Rejuvenate, we are not suppliers and do not profit from making recommendations. You are provided a list of all our suppliers and encouraged to try the variety of machines and equipment we use, so you can make your own decisions about what best suits you as an emerging artist.

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