Lash Styling


It is safe to have a lash lift while pregnant however, you are required to lie flat for up to an hour for the treatment.  If you are heavily pregnant this be uncomfortable for you, which we would prefer to avoid. Also, pregnancy has been known to affect the growth rate and texture of hair and eyelashes, so in some circumstances may result in less of a lift than usual.

We offer a range of different rod size options to choose from throughout your lash appointment however, the type of curl may be limited depending on the length of your natural lashes.

It is recommended to remove your contact lenses during your lash lifting service for optimal comfort.

All lash extensions must be removed prior to a lash lift.

45 minutes - 1 hour. Most of this time is the solution developing time so we are able to discount the treatment if it’s added onto another treatment service at the time of your appointment.

A lash lift can last anywhere from 6-12 weeks, depending on an individuals hair growth cycle.

Lash lifts are not at all painful, the treatment is known to be quite relaxing. All our lash lifting services come with a free nap

Lash lifting does not harm or damage natural lashes. The ingredients including keratin and lanolin are nourishing and may actually help to strengthen your lashes. A skin patch test is recommended to check for any allergic reactions

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