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We normally suggest cosmetic tattoos will last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on individual factors such as choice of technique, lifestyle habits, diet, skincare, and skin type.

We recommend yearly touch-ups to maintain your gorgeous enhancement however, in some cases clients need to return sooner and in other cases we don’t get to see our lovely client for several years before needing a colour boost.

“Maintaining great brows is like maintaining great hair or skin; home care and top ups will keep it looking best”

Consider the below points

Keeping the skin nourished will help to maintain the vibrant colour, and protection from the sun will prevent premature fading

Powder brows will typically last longer than feathering: The powder technique is applied by shading colour into the skin using a tattoo machine. Feathering is a combination of micro strokes more sparsely spread out within the brow area and therefore less colour is applied into the skin. For some skin types feathering is not suitable at all and in those rare cases, we recommend proceeding with the Powder technique at the touch-up.

Certain medication may affect how colour holds in the skin. Our bodies have a fantastic way of removing impurities or absorbing what it needs, and some medications may interfere with these natural processes and affect the healed colour outcome. At the time of your consultation you will be asked to fill out a confidential medical history form inquiring about these factors so that your Artist may advise of any known risks.

Highly active lifestyles can increase your metabolism and accelerate fading

Oily skin types tend to maintain a beautiful youthful glow well into their mature years however, our semi-permanent pigments unfortunately don’t tend to last as long as we would like with this skin type.

Hormones rule everything in our bodies, including pigmentation and oil balance in the skin- which can also affect how the cosmetic tattooed colour holds. Great hormonal fluctuation is experienced during breast feeding, and cosmetic tattooing is normally advised against until the infant has been weened.

Cosmeceutical products may over time increase colour fading, check for these ingredients in your skin care and avoid using them on the brow area: AHA’s, BHA’s, benzoyl peroxide, bleaching agents, chemical peels.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact us to book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our Artists.

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