FOUR Great Reasons Why Cosmetic Tattoos are Semi-Permanent (6 months – 2 years)

  1. Brow trends historically change every 10 years, not overnight but progressively. The thought of thin brows ever returning scares us all but lets’ never say never.
  2. Have you ever seen an old tattoo? Permanent ink changes colour over time, and more rapidly so on less fleshy areas. Cosmetic tattooists use a semi-permanent pigment designed to fade long before obvious discolouration occurs- this pigment is metabolised back into your system at a rate that depends on your skin type with lifestyle factors.
  3. Once the pigment has faded enough, it will be like working with a fresh canvas for your Artist to enhance your current style and restore colour vibrancy. This is called a ‘Colour boost’ treatment which we normally recommend attending every 12-24 months at a discounted price exclusively for existing clients.
  4. Lets’ face it, the idea of having the same style for the rest of your life is deterring. ‘Semi-permanent’ is long lasting enough to make life easier for a good amount of time but without the pressure of it being a ‘permanent’ commitment.
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