What if I don’t like my cosmetic tattoos?

We take careful steps to ensure that doesn’t happen. First we draw, shape, and measure according to the natural flow of your facial features. We gain your approval of the shape before we proceed. Colour is custom blended for you, and we include a touch up*, so we can afford to be more conservative with the first treatment and go bolder at the touch up (if you want to). In the unlikely event you would like your cosmetic tattoos removed this is a service we offer also, with the Principal Artist only. Removal is performed by tattooing the area with a non-toxic, saline solution which lifts the pigment out of the skin. This is a gentle and effective method for lightening or removing cosmetic tattoos.

*A free touch up is only included with new client treatments and is not included for model/student pricing. For student treatments we do offer the touch up treatment at the same discounted model and is booked in with a Senior Artist.

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