Can anything go wrong during eyebrow tattooing?

Usually the worst thing that can happen is that the pigment/ink may not take to the skin, causing it to heal too light or not hold at all. Microblade feathering is the most delicate technique so if there is an issue it will normally be with this method and we can reassess at the touch up whether it’s better to proceed with a machine applied technique such as powder/ombre. How pigment holds in the skin is uniquely dependent on what is happening under your own skin. You can compare it to taking medication for example; A medicine that works perfectly for one person may not work for another.

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Mature skin with a lot of movement presents natural asymmetry’s, especially within the brow area. While we endeavour to correct this for our clients, we are unable to place the brows so that they balance for every facial expression. We recommend considering muscle relaxing cosmetic injections for clients who have a lot of movement and want improved symmetry.

Due to the precise nature or our work, and the careful steps of mapping the brows and obtaining approval, shape is never an issue.

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