Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Enhancements with My Rejuvenate

If you’re looking for a specialist beauty clinic that offers professional eyeliner tattoo enhancements, then you’ve found the right place in My Rejuvenate. Our highly trained artists conduct precise eyeliner tattoo treatments on our clients with stunning before and after comparisons. View the before and after photos of our work here on our website.

We pay special attention to our client’s skin type throughout the eyeliner tattoo procedure. We can predict the strengths and weaknesses of each type of skin in regards to the healing process of the eyeliner tattoo. Your cosmetic tattoo artist will tell you everything you need to know to optimise the healing of your new tattoo.

There are a couple of different kinds of eyeliner tattoo you can get at My Rejuvenate, which are detailed below.

What is Lash Line Enhancement?

If you’re after a natural eyeliner tattoo, then our lash line enhancement is the way to go. It provides a line along the lashes to make them look fuller with a soft kohl pencil effect. The look isn’t too over the top, but it’s definitely noticeable. 

What is Designer Eyeliner?

Our principal artist, Talina Johnson, will create a unique designer eyeliner look for you according to your tastes. It might be smoky, thick or winged in any shade of black, charcoal, brown, green or blue.

What is Luxe Liner?

Our luxe liner treatment is a winged liner that softly blends into an ombré shadow effect above the eye.

Where to Find Us

We’re local to Annandale in Sydney, at Shop 1 / 2 Young St. Our clients commonly come to us for eyeliner tattoo treatments from local areas including:

Annandale, Leichhardt, Glebe, Rozelle

We also offer a variety of payment methods to our clients, including Afterpay for greater convenience, meaning you can get your eyeliner tattoo now and pay later in easy instalments.

For the Best in Eyeliner Tattoo Enhancements, Book with My Rejuvenate

Our principal artist, Talina Johnson, is so good, she’s even started a training academy to teach others how to do cosmetic tattooing at the highest standards. And now you can have her sole attention during your eyeliner tattoo session, creating the dream designer eyeliner for you. For eyeliner that’s always on point, book in with Talina today by calling 1300 729 241. 


We recommend black as it will offer the most impact to enhancing your lash area however, we do have a range of colours to choose from or blend. Black, brown-black, brown, charcoal, green, orange, red, pink, purple, and taupe.

Once healed (4-9 days) you can resume wearing eye makeup on the area. We recommend avoiding makeup until healed due to risk of infection. We also recommend having your lashes tinted 3-5 days prior to your eyeliner appointment.

Top eyeliner is the most commonly requested however we do also offer the lower lash line as well with our Principal Artist only. All techniques including smoky lash and luxe lash liners are available for both areas.

Lash line enhancement is the most subtle, if follows the lash line and fills between the lashes to give an appearance of fullness. We offer Luxe liners as well which is winged eyeliner with some microshading or you can request for a smoky lash liner which is more pixilated for an ultra soft smudge look. More info and pics available here.

I’ve seen this a lot with old eyeliners applied in countries that use permanent body-Art ink on the face. We customise a blend to prevent the black ink from fading to blue (unless blue black has been specifically requested). We also use a semi-permanent pigment that is designed to fade out of the skin before discolouration occurs.

Usually our darkest pigment colours are used such as black, brown-black, blue-black or charcoal. These colours take the longest to fade so it should last anywhere between 3-5 years. Book in a consultation for more info here. https://myrejuvenate.gettimely.com/book

Your Artist will have great control over the eyelid area, you could almost do somersaults and it won’t affect our ability to safely achieve a great result. When you attend for a consultation/treatment we will happily demonstrate the gentle yet firm pressure we hold your eyelid with during a procedure. Book in a consultation for more info here https://myrejuvenate.gettimely.com/book

At My Rejuvenate we request that you don’t have lash extensions when you attend for eyeliner tattooing. The glue is a contamination risk, it’s also more difficult to produce a crispy final result and it’s uncomfortable for you as the client to have constant wiping at the eyelid when lash extensions are attached. Book in a consultation for more info here https://myrejuvenate.gettimely.com/book

If you wear contact lenses, they should be removed prior to having eyeliner tattooing. If you have glasses I recommend bringing them to your appointment so that you don’t need to touch the eyelids to put contact lenses back in. Due to risk of infection, it is essential that you avoid touching freshly tattooed skin. Book in a consultation for more info here https://myrejuvenate.gettimely.com/book

Other than minor puffiness, your ability to see clearly or drive will not be affected. Healing takes 4-7 days in total. We advise that you do not use lash enhancing serums or reapply lash extensions for at least 4 weeks post final treatment. See pics of before and immediately after tattooing here.

Yes. Other than minor puffiness, your ability to see clearly or drive will not be affected. See pics of before and immediately after tattooing here

This procedure is painless, please inquire directly about our recommended numbing solutions. Eyeliner is the most comfortable of all cosmetic tattooing procedures; you can expect to feel minor vibrations and gentle wiping at the eyelid area.  After a while the wiping becomes irritating but its otherwise reasonably comfortable. The wiping is to clean away the black ink, we work very superficially, it’s unlikely you’ll experience any bleeding. Minor puffiness may become present but is unlikely until the next morning. Eyeliner heals within 4-7 days. To find out more book a consultation here.

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