Eyeliner techniques

FACT: You’ll attract more clients and Insta-tags when you showcase pics of eyeliner perfection throughout your Social Media feeds. Offering this service will set your amazing-self apart from any other Brow Stylist available in the area. This treatment compliments a lovely new set of Brows and is an easy package deal to upsell.
Afraid to ‘go-there’ with a needle? Fear-not! We teach you a method that you could almost do with your eyes closed (although strongly advise against that). Results look instantly gorgeous (you’ll love the ‘after’ pics), the cost to do this treatment is menial, and it takes less time to do than a set of brows does.
  • Level: Upskill 
  • Cost: 2,200
  • Class: One-on-One
  • Duration: 1 day
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