Eyebrow Feathering & Other Brow Enhancements

At My Rejuvenate, our eyebrow microblading is completely tailored to your needs. Feather touch eyebrows must be adaptable according to a client’s skin type to obtain the best results. Our principal artist Talina Johnson understands this and adjusts her brow feathering technique to allow for these differences.

Whether you want strong bold eyebrows or a softer feathery brow, we can create your dream eyebrows at My Rejuvenate. Your cosmetic tattoo artist will be able to guide you towards a certain technique according to the look you’re after. There are a variety of eyebrow tattoo effects possible, with some of the main techniques detailed below.

What is Eyebrow Feathering?

For sparse brows, eyebrow feathering provides greater volume and texture. The eyebrow feathering technique is designed to look like real eyebrow hairs. Also called eyebrow microblading or hair stroke eyebrows, along with a number of other similar names, this is one of our clients’ favourite eyebrow treatments.

What Are Powder Brows?

Powder brows are sometimes used interchangeably with the term ombré eyebrows, yet there is a difference. Powder brows aim to mimic an eyebrow that has been applied with powder, providing a softer effect.

What Are Ombré Eyebrows?

Ombré eyebrows have a similar soft powder look, yet the ombré effect also incorporates darker shading towards the end of the brow to create a refined shape and greater definition. 

What Are Anastasia Brows?

Named after Anastasia Beverly Hills for her beautifully famous eyebrows, Anastasia brows combine powder brows and eyebrow feathering to achieve eyebrows with divinely defined contours.

Our Location for Permanent Professional Eyebrow Feathering

Our specialist cosmetic tattoo artists are highly experienced in providing eyebrow enhancements to bring out natural beauty. Our beauty clinic is located in Annandale in Sydney, with our clients commonly visiting us from the following nearby areas:

Annandale, Leichhardt, Glebe, Rozelle

We also have Afterpay available, so now you can put your permanent makeup tattoo session price on a payment plan. Check out our amazing before and after photos of past clients on our website to see our stunning artistry. We always give you all the information you need about the healing process of your cosmetic tattoo for the best possible outcome.

Make an Appointment for Eyebrow Feathering with My Rejuvenate

We have highly experienced cosmetic tattoo artists ready to enhance your innate beauty through eyebrow feathering and other brow enhancements. Let us welcome you to our friendly and professional beauty clinic in Annandale, Sydney. To book a time for your private consultation, call us today on 1300 729 241. 


You can do this online also, see the above “how do I make a booking” FAQ.  Ensure you’re following our socials as we regularly post requests for models for our student clinics. We’re unable to add clients to a waiting list however if you missed a spot at the last call we will give you priority at the next. Please ensure you’ve read through the treatment preparation page on our website before making a booking. Follow the link here to secure a booking.  

We have a super easy online booking process. You can book a 15 minute consultation only appointment (free) or a 2hr appointment block which allows enough time to proceed with the treatment after your consultation (booking deposit is required). If you have existing cosmetic tattoos it is essential to get in touch with our team first or book a consult only session. You can even book a phone or FaceTime consultation if it’s not convenient to travel to our Annandale studio. If you prefer to phone us to make a booking or email you can contact us at any of the below links and we will happily assist you. Please ensure you’ve read through the treatment preparation page on our website before making a booking. Follow the link here to secure a booking.

Usually the worst thing that can happen is that the pigment/ink may not take to the skin, causing it to heal too light or not hold at all. Microblade feathering is the most delicate technique so if there is an issue it will normally be with this method and we can reassess at the touch up whether it’s better to proceed with a machine applied technique such as powder/ombre. How pigment holds in the skin is uniquely dependent on what is happening under your own skin. You can compare it to taking medication for example; A medicine that works perfectly for one person may not work for another. For more info, book in a free consult with one of our Artists so we can discuss more. Mature skin with a lot of movement presents natural asymmetry’s, especially within the brow area. While we endeavour to correct this for our clients, we are unable to place the brows so that they balance for every facial expression. We recommend considering muscle relaxing cosmetic injections for clients who have a lot of movement and want improved symmetry. Due to the precise nature or our work, and the careful steps of mapping the brows and obtaining approval, shape is never an issue.

Feathering looks good straight away however will be darker then desired for 6-9 days until healed. Powder/ombre techniques go super intense in colour at first however the healed result is beautiful soft and natural looking. Minor scabs will form and about Day-5 they will start to flake off, you can apply brow product to balance the appearance of any gaps. It’s unlikely that you will experience any redness or swelling.

We got this down pat so that it's not painful. Please inquire about our recommended numbing products and compounding pharmacy details. The pigment is very superficially implanted, (unlike body art tattooing) so it’s not deep. The machine methods (powder/ ombre brows) are actually quite relaxing however the microblade feathering can sound a little bit creepy. The sound is from when the little needles flick each other however this is often mistaken for the sound of scratching. For more info, book in a free consult with one of our Artists so we can discuss more.

We take careful steps to ensure that doesn’t happen. First we draw, shape, and measure according to the natural flow of your facial features. We gain your approval of the shape before we proceed. Colour is custom blended for you, and we include a touch up*, so we can afford to be more conservative with the first treatment and go bolder at the touch up (if you want to). In the unlikely event you would like your cosmetic tattoos removed this is a service we offer also, with the Principal Artist only. Removal is performed by tattooing the area with a non-toxic, saline solution which lifts the pigment out of the skin. This is a gentle and effective method for lightening or removing cosmetic tattoos. *A free touch up is only included with new client treatments and is not included for model/student pricing. For student treatments we do offer the touch up treatment at the same discounted model and is booked in with a Senior Artist.

We recommend allowing the colour to fade as much as possible before returning for a refresh. For the long-term benefit of your skin, and to avoid a build-up of pigment/ink saturation in the skin, it’s better to avoid coming too regularly or too soon for refresh treatments. More info about pricing here.

Every skin type is different, it depends on your own skin and lifestyle factors, also the choice of technique and colour. We like to generally suggest from 6months - 2years. Due to changes in trend, and changes to our skin, we do not apply 'permanent' ink like what is used for body art. Microblade feathering is the most delicate technique so will not last as long as a Powder or Ombre brow which is applied by layering colour into the skin using a digital machine. Light colours will typically fade faster then dark colours. We recommend having the colour refreshed every few years, or whenever the brows are significantly faded. Colour refreshes for our existing clients only are cheaper pricing. More info about pricing here.

We brow map according to the natural flow and ratio of your facial features. FIRST we draw and you must approve the shape before we proceed.  Colour is custom blended for you. We work within two shades of your natural brow hair colour and skin tones.  Our pigments ranges from light blonde to dark brunette in warm or cool shades. Eyebrow tattooing is a two-part process; the initial treatment then a touch-up at 4-8 weeks. We are always more conservative with the first treatment, then at the touch up you can choose to go darker, thicker or bolder, or simply perfect what was already created. Examples our work can be found in our gallery here.

At the time of your appointment we go through pictures and examples similar to your own,  we explain in greater detail the different techniques and healed outcomes.  Your Artist will make a recommendation based on your outcome goals, we aim to produce the most natural result. Techniques may be combined to suit your unique requirements. Once you confirm your preference the shape is first measured and drawn for your approval. Colour is custom blended to suit your natural skin tones and brow colour.  Our recommendation is based on the outcome you like, and suitability of your skin and brows. More info about our techniques found here.

We have 3 levels of Artist choices, each level is priced differently and depends on the amount of experience of the Artist; Our Principal Artist is the owner and trainer, Talina Johnson.  Senior Artists have more than 2 years experience, are trained by and work closely with Talina. Student Artists are either students working under the direct guidance of Talina Johnson or, completed their training with Talina and are currently building their portfolio. Student/model bookings are priced at 150 per session, the touch up is booked in with a Senior. More info about our Artists found here.

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