Nervous? This is natural, and the best thing you can do is divert your focus from any ‘don’t wants’ to the styles you do love and screen shot them to bring to your appointment.

At My Rejuvenate, we take careful steps to ensure you end up with a result you’re happy with. Consider the following points and feel rest assured that if you are booked in with any of our Artists you will be in the best hands:

  • The consultation is very thorough, we assess your skin, brows and natural tones, ask you about your style and show you pictures before making a recommendation.
  • Then we numb, draw, shape and measure.
  • You must approve the shape before we proceed
  • Your brows are created uniquely to work with your facial features and shape. We always aim to achieve the most natural healed result, one that will look work best from first thing in the morning or straight off the beach.
  • Brow shaping is not about fashion or trend, it’s about enhancing your style by working with the natural flow of your features to restore symmetry and draw focus to your best features.
  • We custom blend the colour to suit your tones- pigment colours range from light to dark, warm and cool, blonde to brunette
  • We are experienced and qualified Artists (Student treatments are performed under the guidance of a Qualified artist)
  • Your brows will be dark for up to a week post-treatment, plan ahead. Also consider your lifestyle or fitness regime, it will be recommended to avoid chlorine and salt water for 1-2 weeks post treatment. More after care info here
  • A touch-up is included with your treatment (except Student treatments which are pay per visit).
  • We are always more conservative with the first treatment, you have the opportunity to go darker or bolder at the touch up.
  • By the time you have booked in your appointment you have probably already extensively researched already or were referred by a friend with amazing brows, so trust your Artist.

If you are currently taking medication or have any health issues check out the treatment info page or get in touch for more info

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