Our Artists

Talina Johnson

Talina Johnson

Principal Cosmetic Artist & Educator

Our Studio boss and Educator began the “Rejuvenate” dream upon completion of a Bachelor of Health Science in 2009.

Talina is the Owner of My Rejuvenate Cosmetic Studio in Sydney.  She has forged a path as an industry leader, and specialises in cosmetic tattoo eyebrows, lip blush and eyeliners.  A highly Qualified Trainer and Assessor, and Nationally Certified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist; Talina delivers training at her studio premises to beginner and advanced level students. You may notice our Studio protege, Wynter Sophia (Talina's baby daughter) sometimes making an appearance in our Socials however, this little cutie-pie is more of a behind the scenes kind of boss.  She attends team meetings and works on keeping her Mum's work and family life in good balance.
Antonia Romanakis

Antonia Romanakis

Senior Cosmetic Artist

Meet our resident lash & brow stylist Antonia, and let your brows be her obsession.

This fresh faced beauty has finely tuned her passion for the brow-life into a perfectly sculpted artistry. Antonia offers premium lash and brow styling treatments as well as all areas of cosmetic tattoo. Since joining the team in 2017, our highly skilled therapist has evolved her techniques to the next level in cosmetic Artistry. She provides cosmetic tattoo treatments such as Ombre and Powder effects, Feathering, Designer eyeliner, and lip line & blending techniques. Antonia's mini fur-baby Maizie sometimes attends our team meetings with her fellow ginger bestie, Wynter. You may spot them together on our Socials from time to time.
Claudia Romanakis

Claudia Romanakis

Cosmetic Artist, Lash & Brow Stylist

All of our clients love Antonia so much that we recruited her double, "Sisters not twins" is what these two lash & brow Queens are.

Our talented new squad member has a sharp eye for detail and passion for creative beauty. With a professional background working with influencers, fashion and social media, our gorgeous Claudia will ensure your look is on point.
RN Marjan

RN Marjan

Specialist Cosmetic Injector

Cosmetic Injector RN Marjan, has over 9 years experience in nursing and providing anti-aging treatments.

Marjan is completing her Masters degree, together with working alongside highly reputable doctors and surgeons within the cosmetic industry. To amplify her clients natural features, Marjan applies a holistic total face approach. Liquid facelifts, chin and jawline contouring, cheek augmentation, anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are some of the advanced techniques she uses. Quality, experience, and finesse were at the forefront of minds when our studio boss’s sought RN Marjan to join our team


Student treatments are performed at the Studio, under the direct guidance of Principal Artist and Educator, Talina Johnson.

Our high end treatment services are paralleled by prestige boutique training offered to our carefully selected students and seminar attendees.

To be a model for one of our Students, you can book online directly, we normally announce our Model Calls on Social Media, with an attached booking link. All student cosmetic tattoo treatments are discounted to $150 for the initial treatment then a touch-up is booked at 4-weeks later with one of our Senior Artists (at the same discounted model fee of $150).

Before registering, peruse the “treatment preparation” info page to ensure the treatment is suitable for you to proceed with.


Cosmetic tattoo is a semi-permanent make up treatment lasting from 6 months to 2 years depending on your skin.  First we shape, measure, and draw the design for your approval, we do not proceed unless you are happy. Pigment colour is custom blended to suit your natural tones, careful steps are taken to ensure a great result!

There are circumstances where the pigment may heal too light however this is adjusted at the touch-up.  To find out more please reach out directly or book your free consult


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