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Our team of Cosmetic Artists specialise in offering high-end treatment services with long lasting results. From the initial consultation through to ongoing refresh treatments, the entire journey our clients experience with us is our first priority.

Come and rejuvenate your appearance at our modern-industrial clinic space in Annandale Sydney.  Treatment services include Cosmetic Tattoo, Lash & Brow Styling, and Cosmetic Injectables.

We work with your natural beauty so you can wake up daily in your natural face, looking your best self. Full and feathery brows, subtly lined lashes, borderless lip blush, and anti-aging injectable treatments are all part of the secret sauce that makes this happen for our numerous happy (ecstatic) clients.

If life happens and you need to bring your young one/s to your appointment they are most welcome as long they have been adequately bribed to respect the studio vibe. Please be advised that any children acting unruly will be offered red and sugary treats upon departure.


From beginner to advanced levels, our Educator and team are dedicated to the success each student achieves once they complete their chosen course with us.

We’ve raised the brow-game with our signature ‘Brow Focus’ course, which covers everything Cosmetic Eyebrow Artistry including machine and microblading techniques, and all the juicy stuff in between.

We here are more than just Brow Focused; Lip blushing and Eyeliner tattooing techniques are also specialty skills you can easily Master by training with our Educator, Talina Johnson

Find the right course for you on our Education page, and feel free to book a phone chat with one our Training Co-ordinator if you’d like to learn more. If you’re not already following our socials, @myrejuvenate on Instagram is the best place to check out our amazing students work.


If you’re wondering where to start, or who to book an appointment with, you’re on the right page to find out.  Each of our Artist’s offer a different level of experience and expertise, hit our profiles to find out more.

If you’re still unsure, simply book a FREE consult with any Artist and we’ll advise you about the best options to suit your requests and unique requirements.

Online bookings can be easily made at the book online tab, you may request a free 15 minute consult only, or the full service time slot which allows enough time to proceed with a treatment after your consult. We have a ‘Treatment Info’ page listing all contraindications and precautions to consider before having a treatment. We kindly ask you to peruse this before committing to a long appointment time, to ensure disappointment is avoided if we’re unable to proceed (due to a contraindication).

You’ll also find on the Treatment Info page, our studio etiquette -or Terms & Conditions if you will. This section explains in full detail all rewards, vouchers, booking deposits, refund and cancellations policies.

Each treatment service has an FAQs section where you can find quick answers to general questions.

Reach out directly if any information you’re looking for is not easily found here, our team are happy to help in any way that could possibly make your treatment journey better.

Sometimes our phones are unattended due to our undivided dedication to treating clients throughout most of the day, so DM (via facebook) is a great option to get a fairly quick response.

Love from My Rejuvenate team xx

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