The Truth about Cosmetic Tattooing

Would you jump out of a plane without a parachute for a million dollars? I would! Provided the plane was still safely on the ground, and not in the air. This question demonstrates the importance of knowing your facts before jumping to conclusions or jumping out of planes.

Most ladies (and some gents) have at some point in life fantasised about having seamlessly perfect eyebrows, full looking lashes and lovely tinted lips, and for this look to last throughout all moments of the day, at the pool, on the beach, in the gym, even while sleeping. This fantasy can be achieved with cosmetic tattooing however you must be sure to consider the following facts when deciding whether to get a cosmetic tattoo and who should do the procedure.

Fact 1 – Who

If you have found Sydney’s ‘best kept secret’, they’re probably a secret for a reason.

Choose a professional who comes highly recommended, or has an impressive gallery of work available on social media.

Google is a great place to check out the professional history of a cosmetic tattooist, and see pictures of their work.

Fact 2 – Why the best

When Nouveau Contour pioneered the world’s first intelligent digital micro-pigmentation device in 1993 they literally changed the face of cosmetic tattooing forever.

Because with advanced technology must come advanced training, and with advanced training comes advanced techniques. It’s likely that if your technician is using the best machine on the market, they’ve had the elite training that comes with it.

Fact 3 – What to expect

Your experienced professional will guide you through the decision making process for tattoo colour and design, they will first draw the design onto the skin for your approval and then numb the skin before any tattooing will commence.

The procedure is relatively painless due to regular application of topical anaesthetic, aftercare instructions will be given to ensure best results.

After care will include the regular application of a recommended healing balm so plan your post-procedure week carefully.

More information about the individual procedures and aftercare for eyes, brows and lips is available at cosmetic tattooing treatments or you can speak directly to an experienced professional by calling 1300 729 241.

Myth busters

Permanent makeup isn’t ‘permanent’ and should correctly be referred to as semi-permanent makeup. Due to stringent quality control regulations cosmetic tattooing pigments no longer contain toxic heavy metals that were used in the past to make ink permanent.

Cosmetic tattooing pigment is different in composition to the pigment used for body art, facial skin is very delicate and requires micro-pigmentation with specialised technology.

A ‘tattoo gun’ is not used for cosmetic tattooing, a professional either uses a rotary machine or an intelligent digital device, both are machines and neither resembles a gun.

Eyebrows are not shaved off before eyebrow tattooing is applied. Some technicians use a contouring razor to tidy up the stray hairs outside of the shape instead of taking the time to tweeze but the eyebrow does not need to be shaved off.

Needles are not sterilized and re-used. They are disposable and should be discarded after each use. The tattooist should routinely open the new needle for your procedure in front of you..

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