The Wow Brow Evolution

This collation of my favourite symmetrically blessed people is a perfect example of why brows should be shaped according to the unique facial contours of each individual persons face


All possess different versions of beauty framed by differently sculpted eyebrows. Donning meticulously groomed brows in this day and age of metro-sexuality is no longer limited to the female sex, as you can see in this picture of one internationally admired footballer Christiano Ronaldo.

Long gone are the days of over-plucked, thinner than thin, semicircle shaped eyebrows.  Thankfully, the art of eyebrow sculpting has become increasingly popular, and people are embracing the benefits of having bushy brows to shape and manicure. The fine art of brow sculpting cannot be perfected by just anyone, it’s best to seek the services of a trained professional who’s been recommended by at least one friend with amazing eyebrows. There’s a wow brow evolution going on and you can either be part of it or get left behind!
Not everyone’s face is blessed with above said naturally bushy brows waiting to be manicured to perfection. However an experienced cosmetic tattooist with a perfectionist eye for detail can create or enhance the most beautiful of brows tailored to suit your own unique facial contours.  This is your face we’re talking about, so it’s natural to feel apprehensive about undergoing this semi-permanent procedure; but if you book yourself in for a consultation with a reparable cosmetic tattooist they can provide you with all the information you need, answer all your questions, show you examples and pictures, and guide you through making a decision you’re happy with. She will spend time shaping your brows to perfection and leave you feeling confident and ‘wanting more’ and ready to take the next step…

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