Exfoliate and Hydrate

How to Achieve a Not-So-Dry July


A dried out and dull looking complexion is just what we need this winter – said no-one ever. To keep your skin looking it’s best throughout these cold months we’ve provided some useful information and easy tips to follow that will optimize your skins ability to stay hydrated and fresh looking, all year round.

First thou shalt exfoliate – Hydrating serums and moisturisers are better absorbed into skin that is not blocked by layers of dead cells and dirt. Exfoliating the tired dead cells allows your products to properly penetrate the skin and speeds up the renewal process. Regular exfoliation also helps to reduce the occurrence of acne and blackhead breakouts. Acne-prone skin sheds more skin cells than other skin types but the cells don’t naturally fall away unless assisted, instead they stick to the skin which creates congestion and a perfect anaerobic environment for bacteria to thrive in, thus appears pimples!

Expert Tips on Exfoliation

  • Do Not – Over-exfoliate: It’s best not to exfoliate more than 3 times per week, depending on your own skins unique requirements. Over-exfoliating can lead to an impaired barrier function and inflammation of the skin, which can then lead to acne and premature aging.
  • Do Not – Use heavy grainy scrubs: this can lead to inflammation. Avoid harsh cleansers, they also result in dried out skin. Never exfoliate red or inflamed skin.
  • Do Not – Self diagnose: Before diagnosing your self with any kind of serious skin condition and prescribing yourself any radical skin treatments and buying range of expensive products, seek the advice of your skin care specialist, dermatologist or cosmedical skin care practitioner. A simple and effective regime can be prescribed by an experienced professional.
  • Do – Exfoliate your face 1-3 times per week with a pea sized amount of Glycolic Scrub and warm water. Using wet hands apply the scrub in very gentle circular motions and work the product back and forth over the whole face for 30-60 seconds avoiding the eye areas. The Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub formula contains 14% glycolic acid, jojoba beads and tea tree oil for a non-dehydrating deep cleanse and exfoliation. Follow with a hydrating serum and night formula moisturiser.
  • Do – Treat yourself to a monthly chemical peel: A chemical peel is an intense anabolic resurfacing treatment that helps to reduce the appearance of the visible signs of aging and sun-damage while working deep within the skin to encourage healthy new cell production for a revitalised and radiant complexion.
  • Do – All over body dry skin brushing. Using a loofah or natural fibre body brush apply short, light strokes and work your way up from the feet, paying more attention to heels, knees and elbows. Rinse off in the shower with luke warm water and use a moisturising body wash (not soap). Towel-pat your skin dry and follow with an oil-based moisturiser.

Note: There are two methods of exfoliating – physical exfoliation (a scrub) and chemical exfoliation (chemical exfoliators). Chemical exfoliators such as AHA’s- Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid, L-Lactic Acid) work by dissolving the “glue” between the cells, causing them to slough away.

Enjoy your Radiant Winter Glow!

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