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We offer three specialised brow styling techniques to choose from; ‘Feathered strokes’, ‘Powder brows’, ‘Anastasia brows’.

Included is a consultation, professional skin analysis, brow shape and design then custom colour blend (see more below about the procedure).

A follow-up visit (at 4-8 weeks) to complete all perfecting touches is included in the pricing.

Feathered Strokes

“Feathered strokes” mimic and shadow the individual hairs for a soft and textured finish.  Also known as ‘Feathering’ or ‘Hair Strokes’. By far the most popular technique requested, and is suitable for all ages.

Perfect for anyone with fine skin and sparse brows.

The feathered hair strokes are very delicately applied, so this enhancement will need to be re-touched regularly (8-12 months).

3D Brow Feathering

Takes ‘Feathered strokes’ to a 3rd dimension. We use a Micro-blade hand tool to produce fine wispy hair strokes for a soft and natural finish. Results are instant and you can expect no down time!


The Powder Brow Effect

This method is applied by shading the shaped and measured brow design with a custom blend of pigment. By applying expert shading techniques and diluting the pigment blend with a colour ‘softening’ solution, the healed result will yield a soft yet defined ‘powdered’ brows effect. Be prepared that immediately after the treatment your brows will at first appear darker and more dramatic looking until healed (4-7 days). The healed result however is very beautiful and long lasting.

Perfect for anyone with fuller brows, and would like a defined yet soft looking finish

Looks best for 1-3 years then will gradually fade out unless refreshedMost suitable technique for thick/oily skin types


The Anastasia Brow

Inspired by the famously contoured brows by Anastasia Beverly Hills, this method infuses two techniques; the ‘Powder brows’ effect and the ‘Feathered strokes’ effect for defined looking eyebrows with a soft and textured finish.

Perfect for the avid brow-ist who loves a defined brow with a gradient soft finish

Full New Brow

Created for those who have sparse or asymmetrical eyebrows and require a whole new brow shape. This is the perfect canvas to design and create the perfect brows to suit you! Either of the above techniques are suitable; feathered hair strokes, the powder brows effect, or the Anastasia brows.

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icon6-procedure The Procedure

  1. First we apply medical grade numbing cream. Numbing takes 25 minutes in which time we go through your consultation and make sure we have a mutual understanding of what you want, what’s involved, and the after-care. During this time we also do a thorough assessment of your skin type and undertones to be considered when blending the perfect colour that will be suitable for you.
  2. Next we shape and design. We measure, sculpt and design according to your own unique facial features and brow structure. This ensures the most natural looking outcome that will look best whether you are wearing makeup or not.
  3. Once happy with the shape and the custom pigment is blended and tested, the tattooing will commence. This eyebrow is NOT shaved off (a common misconception).
  4. This is not a painful procedure however you can expect to feel a little bit scratchy at first until the second application of anaesthetic is applied then you shouldn’t feel much at all (time for a nap).
  5. Results look best for anywhere between 8months to 3 years depending on the technique that is applied and your own individual constitution.  Pigment used for cosmetic tattooing is designed to gently fade out over time, this is a semi-permanent enhancement.
  6. Lifestyle factors to consider that may adversely effect the longevity of healed results are as follows: mineral deficiencies (the pigment is made up of minerals), highly active lifestyle, thyroid problems, certain medications, life-style and environmental factors, your own individual constitution, and how well you look after the enhancement
  7. ENJOY your beautiful new brows x x

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