Emphasise the shape and colour of beautiful eyes with perfectly applied semi-permanent eyeliner



A very subtle eyeliner that shadows the lash line to give lashes a bold and fuller appearance. Once healed, this technique produces a soft pencilled eyeliner look.



Thicker winged eyeliner, or thick eyeliners infused with shading and blending techniques to produce a smouldering ‘smokey’ look. Colours such as charcoal, brown, green, blue, or grey may be added to enhance the natural colour of your eyes and complexion.



icon6-procedure THE PROCEDURE

  1. After filling out and going through the consultation form together, we then numb the area.  This takes 30 minutes so we utilise this time to discuss the look you would like to achieve with the eyeliner tattooing.
  2. The design is first drawn with the liquid pigment before proceeding, you must approve the design (winged, smokey, fine, or bold).
  3. A custom colour is blended, this may be a choice of; black-black, blue-black, brown-black, charcoal, shaded colours, blue, green or brown shadowing.
  4. From here you get to close your eyes and relax, I have control of the eyelids while I’m working on the area. It doesn’t matter if you have sensitive or twitchy eyes, this does not effect the procedure. You are in highly experienced, safe hands
  5. It is best to come to your appointment without any makeup on the eye areas. Removing the makeup can be irritating and we want to avoid as much irritation as possible.
  6. If you wear contact lenses remove them before your treatment (and make sure you bring glasses).

Results look best for 1-3 years, I recommend having the eyeliner refreshed every 12-24 months. Pigment used for cosmetic tattooing is designed to gently fade out over time.





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