Purple Peel Prep and After Care

Pre Peel Prep

In order to achieve best results possible from your peel treatment it is important that you follow the prep program and use the appropriate Skinstitut products as recommended by your skin care specialist.  If you have any questions regarding these instructions please contact your skin care specialist for clarification.


Please follow the instructions and guidelines provided, if for any reason you stop or interrupt the prep procedure you must contact your skin care specialist immediately


Within 2 weeks prior to your treatment – STOP, DISCONTINUE or DO NOT HAVE THE FOLLOWING TREATMENTS:

  • Waxing of any areas to be treated
  • Depilatory use in any treated area
  • Laser/IPL treatments
  • Sun exposure to area to be treated
  • Chemical treatments of any kind including any hydroxy acid treatments other than your Skinstitut prep program
  • Hair Clour or Chemical treatments application of any type

Always wear sunscreen outdoors – this is why Chemical Peels are great treatments during the Winter season!


The following protocol must be used for 2 weeks prior to your treatment

  • Glycolic Cleanser 12% (at least once per day) – prepares the skin so it can better tolerate the peel
  • Even Blend Serum (both morning and night) – to reduce the risk of hyper-pigmentation in susceptible clients. May be omitted if client has fair skin *For the treatment of stubborn pigmentation add a rice grain size amount of Vitamin C to the Even Blend Serum
  • Sunscreen (every morning) – to protect the skin

Clients with a history of cold sores are encouraged to prep prior to the peel and afterwards with anti-herpetic medication (Acyclovir/ Zovirax)




icon1 You are not a good candidate for this peel if you have dark skin tones or signs of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation

icon1 Purple Peel can not be applied to Roaccutane patients

icon1 Purple Peel can not be applied to dehydrated or inflamed skin

icon1 Purple Peel can not be applied to eczema, inflamed psoriasis, or open lesions

icon1 If you are un-well please consider re-scheduling your appointment

icon1 Can not be applied to clients who are allergic to Aspirin or Salicylic Acid

icon1 No Peels for at least 3 months post facial surgery

icon1 Must allow at least 4 weeks between peels


Post Peel Care

Absolutely no water or moisture exposure for 12 hours after Peel.  This includes sweating, crying, mucous discharge from cold and flu

Use only Repair Balm for the next 12 hours (oil based product)

No active products for 3 days thereafter (includes Glycolic Cleanser, L-Lactic Cleanser, Glycolic Scrub, Retinol, Vitamin C, Even Blend)

  • The following products may be used within the first 3 days:
  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Rejuvenate 15
  • Multi-Active Mist
  • Multi Active Oil
  • Repair Balm (small amount over the face for the first 2-3 days)
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisture Defence

Your recovery time will be influenced by the type of peel treatment you’ve received and your individual skin’s response.  Your skin care specialist will have discussed with you the individual time frame you should expect.


icon1 Sun Exposure:  Avoid direct sun for 5-10 days.  Before going outdoors sun block is mandatory and should be reapplied every 2hrs

icon1 Waxing/Hair Removal:  Avoid for 14 days

icon1 Exercise:  Avoid getting over-heated for 24 hrs

icon1 Avoid heat such as hair dryers, hot steam etc for 24 hrs


No exfoliating products for 5 days.

Enymatic Micro Peel may be used after 48 hrs to assist with the gentle removal of flaking skin (highly recommended)

Increase your daily water intake.  Drink at least 8 glasses per day

Do not use wash cloths, or any other type of cloth on the skin, apply cleansers to clean hands

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