Collagen Induction Therapy

Skin Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy)


This revolutionary skin rejuvenation technology stimulates the natural production of new collagen without the use of chemicals, toxins, fillers, IPL or laser.

Visible rejuvenation can be seen within 24 hours, skin texture progressively improves for up to 8 weeks, a non-invasive and relatively pain-free clinical treatment, Exceptional and long lasting results.


icon6-procedure  The Procedure

This is performed with a unique automated vibrating fractional micro-needling device which is designed to easily move around facial contours and delicate features. The micro-needle tips which come in individual sterilized packages are disposed of after each treatment, and the new tip is replaced in the presence of the new client. This state of the art technology makes skin needling a relatively painlessprocedure however numbing cream is applied 20 minutes prior to treatment so that discomfort is minimised.

Down Time? It’s common to experience some redness (erythema) over the treated areas however it significantly reduces within 24 hours and is usually gone within 2-3 days.The treated areas will look like you’ve been sunburned and by day 4 will start to peel. For best results you need to use the recommended products and carefully follow the after-care instructions. After each treatment the collagen continues to rebuild over time so if more sessions are required they should be scheduled at 6-8 week intervals. For best results a course of 3 sessions is recommended however results can be seen after just 1 session!
icon7 - after careAnyone who is darker skinned and hyper-pigmented will need to use recommended products for at least two weeks prior to treatment to protect against hyper-pigmentation. Read more..

To compliment this advanced technology any full-face skin treatment sessions includes our signature Rejuvenation facial and a complimentary Skinstitut Restorative Kit to take home, so that we can achieve the best results!


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