• Ensure you have perused the relevant pre-treatment considerations and medical precautions before your appointment. Go to: Treatment Prep


  • Your brows may feel slightly tender afterwads
  • Each morning clean the brow area with a clean damp cotton tip.
  • Gym/ Exercise: Avoid, chlorinated/salt water pools, high UV exposure, Sun beds, and Infra-red light exposure for at least 2 weeks following treatment.
  • The colour will appear darker and more dramatic for 5-7 days, whilst healing
  • No soap, or cleansers on the treated area until healed.
  • Do not touch the tattooed area with your fingers (use cotton tips only)
  • Do not pick the scabs or flaking skin
  • Protect the area from the sun during healing (2 weeks).
  • Exposure to the sun over time can cause fading, always wear SPF protection.
  • Certain chemicals in cleansers and moisturisers will accelerate fading and may discolour the tattoo: AHA/Glycolic Acid or Peels must be kept completely away from the tattooed area.
  • FOLLOW the after care instructions of either of the below after care products; Stratamed OR Bepanthen
  • STRATAMED – “the invisible bandaid”
    • Dab the area dry with a clean tissue (or allow to dry naturally)
    • Using a clean cotton tip, apply a very thin layer of Stratamed aftercare product to the area and allow the gel to dry
    • Once dry, Stratamed may be covered by sun screen or cosmetics if you wish
    • Repeat this procedure morning and night for 7-days
    • Its okay to wet the brows, once this product has been applied
    • Apply a fine smear of the Bepanthen or recommended aftercare balm 3-5 times per day
    • Each application: Using a clean cotton tip, gently massage the product into the area then flip the cotton tip and, with the opposite end, wipe the product back off. “Wipe on, wipe off”.
    • This will leave residue of the active ingredients which will assist in healing, whilst removing any product excess.


Minor patchiness in colour may be present in some areas. This is normal and will be adjusted accordingly at the touch-up in 4-8 weeks. I recommend wearing brow powder or pencil to cover these areas until then.


During the healing process, the tattooed area will become darker and minor scabbing will develop as a new collagen rich skin forms underneath. This new skin is slightly opaque in colour and crates a temporary veil which will make the pigment appear faded and dull. Within a week or two the new skin will settle and the colour will return. Protect and nourish this new skin as directed.
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