BHA Chemical Peels

BHA Salicylic Peel (The Purple Peel)

A cosmedical grade intensive skin peeling system designed to accelerate skin regeneration and resurfacing. Excellent for the treatment of acne and acne related symptoms, improves skin colour, tone and texture, incredible results for the treatment of stubborn pigmentation.

icon6-procedureWhat to expect:

Incredible results within one week! The key ingredient in this miraculous formula of combined plant acids is Salicylic Acid, so the pre-peel prep and after-peel care protocol is slightly different to our other peels, please read thoroughly through the Purple Peel Considerations and remember to carefully plan for your week after the treatment. By day 3 your skin will start seriously peeling, the peeling is totally painless however it isn’t a great look to be chanelling at a function or event that you’d like to look your best at. Most of the peeling will be over within a few days however allow for up to two weeks for the process to completely finish, and your beautiful new flawless complexion to impress (See pictures below).

Protect your beautiful new skin with Age Defence SPF50+

icon6-procedureKey ingredients: 19% L.Lactic Acid and 22% Glycolic Acid – stimulate cell turnover for a smoother, more luminous skin; 14% Salicylic Acid – Lipophilic BHA used for anti-inflammatory and decongesting properties; 3% L-Mandelic Acid – An aromatic lipophilic AHA that is used for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
icon7 - after careIn order to achieve best results possible from your peel treatment it is important that you follow the prep program and use the appropriate Skinstitut products as recommended by your skin care specialist.Read more..

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AHA Chemical Peels

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