3 Must-have Makeup Tips You Didn’t Already Know

brow sculpt3

What is your favourite facial feature?   Figure it out and accentuate that feature  


1.  Eyebrows for instance should be defined like a beautiful frame that compliments (yet doesn’t outshine) a work of art.  Tint or powder the brows 1-2 shades darker than your hair colour (unless you have ultra dark hair).  Brows should not be the main feature of your face so try not to powder/pencil (or paint) them on too thick, bold or dark.  Unbeknownst to the untrained eye we have a curved side and a flat side of the face so don’t go crazy trying to perfectly match up your eyebrows, they are sisters not twins.


2.  Gorgeous lips should never be shy of some tint or gloss even just for day-wear.  Experiment with bold and bright colour lippys.  A shade darker lip liner can be applied and blended to give lips a full and pouty look.  For soft/neutral colour lipsticks add and blend a dab of concealer onto the centre lips where the cupids bow is.


3.  Eyeliner has great powers to elongate, lift, open or smoulder the appearance of eyes.  Be careful not to over-shadow narrow eyes with dark heavy colours.  White eyeliner applied inside-along the top and bottom wet-line is a beautiful way to make the eyes look bright and refreshed.  Black eyeliner along the wet-line is a 1990’s no-no that will inevitably lead to little caked black blobs in the corners of your eyes and will later look patchy (unless regularly re-applied and the corners cleaned).  Smudged eyeliner along the lash-line rather is a whole other look and far more attractive.

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